Pearls, Florals and Bedtime Stories

@findingfemme wears The Peach Box pearl earrings and Target floral pyjamas.

I am happy to announce that this is my first ever sleepwear outfit post. In thinking about where I would most like to style pearls, I remembered by best friend dropping in to visit me and I was wearing my jim jams and pearls which she thought was the best. This is is classic me in collaboration with The Peach Box.

Red and Navy - Classic Bike Style

@findingfemme rides a Lekker Bike in Review Australia striped top and navy midi skirt.

Spring has suddenly brightened up with a wave of toasty warm weather. I really should be studying but when study is on the table it becomes really hard to resist picnics with gin and cheese and bikes and good company. In summary, I've been on several bike led picnics in the past few days when I had important things to do and I'm not even sorry.

8 Tips for Posing in Photos

One of my readers (hey Natasha) asked me to do a blog post on how to pose for blog photos. This definitely got me thinking so here are some tips from me on posing. Before I get into those, remember that to know how to pose you have to know your blog's style. I like mine to reflect elegance and a depth of character. It might not seem like much, but the images I use are always selected based on this goal.

7 tips for posing in blog photos with @findingfemme

Pastel Picnic

@findingfemme wear Lazy Bones dress, straw hat and Top Moda coral wedges.

My partner and I have been enjoying the Spring weather with picnics, wine, cheese and lazy conversations. One of the best conversations involved why I loved the platypus, a native Australian animal. If I was a wizard, the platypus would surely be my patronus.

My Study Space

The office space of blogger @findingfemme

This is the place where I get most of my study done. I bought this computer especially for the image, video and music editing that I do, and I love the happy feeling I get when I'm sitting in this spot working on stuff.