Friday, April 18, 2014

Alice in Parkland


I normally post only twice a week (Tuesdays with Tegan and a regular Friday post). The thing is, I have a few posts to get through and the weather is becoming more and more wintry. For those of us in the southern hemisphere, the days are getting shorter and the rain is more frequent. This photo set was done on a day with too much sunlight to delay posting in for long. At the rate I'm going it would have had to wait until June, which would not do.
This top had to come home with me. The moment I saw it in the store I had to make it mine. I love Alice in Wonderland and for those that don't get the reference, the drink is what makes Alice shrink. The shoes were a similar story. I bought a size too small I wanted them so much. I toted these ones home from the Cath Kidston store at Heathrow airport.

This outfit is a favourite combination.

Dress: sold out - Bardot (try Modcloth for similar)
Top: sold out - Dangerfield (other knits by Dangerfield)
Belt: sold out - Alannah Hill (other belts by Alannah Hill)
Stockings: Fan Flair Tights - Modcloth (also in white)
Shoes: Little Spot Plimsolls - Cath Kidston with white ankle socks
Necktie: Can't remember
Sunglasses: eBay. Or try Catch a Thief
Location: An outerspace park on a planet called California.
Shop the look on Modcloth.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Ballarat's own plus size market - A Plus Market

This  keen for you to hear about it!

A ly provides women with a market where 'plus size' choices abound and now A Plus Market is bringing that choice to Regional Victoria!

A Plus Market is being held in Ballarat at the start of May.

A Plus Market will showcase local designers, makers and sellers who celebrate 'plus size' women. Ladies from the community will also offer their pre-loved clothing and accessories. This fresh take on a community market roves around a variety of Melbourne suburbs and is heading to Regional Victoria fot the first time.

As any 'plus size' woman knows finding clothes can be tiresome. Many find it necessary to buy online or from chain stores, ending up with things they don't really like, or worse, that don't really fit. This problem is only exasperated for plus size women living in Regional areas.

A Plus Market is the brainchild of Melbourne mum, Erin Cox. As a 'plus size' woman herself, Ms Cox explains “Years of shopping disappointments left me discouraged. I found myself wishing for a place where I could find bargains and one-off pieces in my size – but there just wasn't anywhere – so, I’ve decided to do something about it.”

“I want you to come to the market, bag some bargains and enjoy some of the beautiful and one-off pieces made just for you”, Ms Cox stated.

“Get out of the shopping centres and off the internet – come and enjoy a community atmosphere at A Plus Market.”

A Plus Market – Ballarat will be a vibrant event – there will be door prizes and an eclectic mix of stalls offering jewellery, crafts and treats.

For more information and updates, or if you are keen to have a stall please visit A Plus Market’s website:

A Plus Market will be held in Ballarat on Saturday the 3rd of May at Saint Patricks Church Hall, Corner of Sturt and Dawson Streets, Ballarat from 10am – 3pm.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

What's a little rain to a girl with a new coat?

My favourite birthday present by far is this stunning Review coat that my parent's bought for me. When I was in Review picking up some cardigans I spotted this one on the shelf. It hadn't been on the website yet so it was new to me. I decided to slip it on over what I was wearing and it fit beautifully. The cut is fantastic, the quality is excellent and the full skirt is just to die for. I haven't worn something of quality this good since I had a dress and cape made by Clasch Design. If you have a vintage dress with a full skirt that requires a petticoat, this coat is for you. The full skirt means it shows off the full shape of any skirt or dress underneath.

Many moons ago I fell in love with this hat at the Talbot Market. It is a cloche is made from really high grade wool felt and a vintage pattern. The creators of this fine piece of craftsmanship are the crew of the Gordon Hat Shoppe. When I bought the hat, I didn't particularly like it on me, I just liked it. I wanted to stare at it all the time. Since getting the coat, I have worn it every time I get the coat out. It's the perfect winter hat.

The boots are a really cheap (quality) pair that I picked up in Oxford. While the quality of them isn't that great, but they look fantastic. It seems odd telling people that I bought them in Oxford, as that makes them sound like really nice boots. They're not, they just look great and have a cool story.

Coat: Willow Coat - Review
Skirt: sold out - Modcloth (similar)
Scarf: Chanel (similar)
Boots: Black a grey - unknown brand

- L

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tuesdays with Tegan - Red Velvet

Red velvet is becoming a bit of a theme with these Tuesday posts. Today Tegan wears a red velvet skirt made by her mum, a white thrifted shirt and a neck tie from Modcloth. (Earrings by Bok Bok B'gerk)

I'm not feeling chatty today, so please enjoy the pictures :)


Friday, April 11, 2014

A Birthday Picnic and a Floral Dress

My birthday was forecast for rain. Initially I tried to find a time of day when it wouldn't be raining in the hope of having a picnic in Ballarat's stunning Botanic Gardens. When the forecast eventually said 'rain, just rain, all day', I decided to try a different approach. Dotted along the lake foreshore across the from the gardens are a handfull of rotundas. We scoped out one on the morning of my birthday and then decked it out with tea and cakes.

Here is my beautiful aunt Monica, my sister, my mum and I posing mid way through setting up our picnic. My bestie Tegan came along and took these pictures of me (she's so good I just want to squish her face).

Hat: Thrifted
Dress: 'Delilah' - sold out. By Review
Delilah skirt also available.
Cardigan: Nevis in Tangerine, by Review
Shoes: sold out, by Sandler
Location: Wendouree Lake foreshore, behind Pipers.

I know a few of my readers are from the norther hemisphere where swans are white. Here are our beautiful black swans for your enjoyment.

Tegan and Ryan's thrifted picnic basket.

Macarons from Cake Bakeshop. The flavours were: Redskin, Snickers, Bubblegum, Salted Caramel.

Monica in a dress she made herself. Perfect picnic attire.

Remember Tegan from Tuesdays with Tegan? She made me these red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing.

Mini sandwiches and delicious grapes on a Robert Gordon Pottery high tea cake stand.

Above, myself and my girlfriend Lynne who I know through Bookclub. She is an avid reader, loves animals and is one of the most intelligent ladies I know. It was great to have such awesome people to celebrate my birthday with.

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