Plum and Blue

@findingfemme wears Review Australia, Alannah Hill and Chicwish purple cardigan and blue midi skirt.

For today’s post with my violet cardigan playing with violets in the garden, I feel the need to tell you about the smell of violets and why they remind me so much of Paris and London. My great grandmother (the one who taught me to pronounce Grand Prix) used to have violets growing in her garden. She passed away when I turned 8, but when I turned 18, my friends Erin and Ashley bought me a bag of purple things because purple was my favourite colour at the time. In that bag was a small tube of violet perfume.

Yellow and Blue at Vegas and Rose

Today I had surgery and I’m currently sitting on the couch with my sister, a warm open fire crackling away beside us. It is one of my busiest and most important weeks at work, but this particular health inconvenience has left me handing the reins over to one of my team members, and taking a whole week away to recover. The surgery was to remove some CIN3 abnormal cells from my cervix.

Autumn Leaves: La Dolce Vita

I’ve been returning to my passion of acting recently, thanks to my old drama teacher. I saw her in a café and she asked if I was acting. I told her I wasn’t and she sternly told me that was a waste of talent, and then she got me involved in a local theatre company. Earlier this year I did my first ever show with them, which was magnificent. I made some lovely friends. It also resulted in one of the most comically awkward moments I’ve ever had on stage.

Cliffy's with Mustard and Plum

@findingfemme visits Cliffy's in Daylesford in mustard and plum outfit

My housemate is one of the greatest things to ever happen to me. Last year after going through a tough break up, I was in a house full of memories, surrounded by someone else’s stuff, going slowly insane while living on a diet of cheese and biscuits and gin. I hated being in the house and was in it most often on my own.  My ex-partner’s things were left in this semblance of normality that made me feel as though I needed to tear down the walls to breathe. It was like a disaster had hit and all the happy people in the house had walked out with only what they were wearing on. It made me feel like I was still living the life I had made the very difficult choice to leave. Then along came Bae.

A Birthday at the Tram Museum

@findingfemme Ballarat birthday party on the restaurant tram

Ballarat has long history with trams. Trams used to run all over the city, but now they are a wonderful novelty at the Ballarat Tramway Museum, including a newly renovated restaurant tram which I hired for my birthday this year.