Nov 16, 2014

Hummingbirds and Pastel Tartan

I may or may not have loved this cardigan so much that I bought it in more than one colour. I usually love only one Review dress in each collection and this one was it meant for me.

The last few weeks have been full of some big changes in my life and have had me very tired and worn down. More on that after these changes have unfolded.  ;)

In other news, look how long my hair is getting. I really love this length for headbands, but I really struggle wearing them because they give me headaches. I will have to investigate some alternative options that don't hurt so much. I wore the one in the pictures for about 20 minutes before I had to take it off.

Headband: Alannah Hill
Earrings: Modcloth
Photos: Stu
Location: Perth

I hope you have enjoyed this week's eye candy.

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Nov 8, 2014

A Love Letter to Perth

Writing is one of my favourite things. I've loved it all of my life and I don't give it as much attention as I should. I love writing poetry, stories, memoirs, all of it. I also love writing letters. Currently my entire writing equipment (apart from my rad German typewriter) is in storage, so a big sorry shout out to all my pen pals out there. I know I have some outstanding letters to send, which won't get to you until after Christmas.

Letter writing is a very intimate and polite thing. When someone writes a good letter, it takes time and energy to write it. They pour a certain amount of energy into it. When you hold the letter in your hands you have this connection with the person who wrote it, which is a very special thing and should not be exploited of by the writer, or the reader. The thing about reading a letter is that you are usually alone, and free to express as you desire regarding the contents. This skirt is by Review, the moment I saw it I knew I had to have it. It's called the Love Letter skirt.

I just want to note some letters that I really loved in good books. The letter from Darcy to Elizabeth, which was so business like after her rejection of his rude offer of marriage. This letter gave a completely knew perspective of the character of Mr W. Another favourite Jane Austen letters is that of the one in Persuasion which is given by Captain Wentworth to Anne: "I can listen no longer in silence. I must speak to you by such means as are within my reach. You pierce my soul. I am half agony, half hope. Tell me not that I am too late, that such precious feelings are gone for ever."

A Love Letter To Perth
I carve little homages, to you, my love,
I emboss them in paper with ink and nib.
I trace the treasures of your skyline, darling,
In the fibers of this paper and this being.

Top: Review
Necktie: Big W
Earrings: Modcloth
Cardigan: Review
Skirt: Review
Sunglasses: eBay
Photographer: Stu
Location: Peace Memorial Rose Garden


Until next time.

- L

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Oct 31, 2014

Embroidered Birds, Gingham and Peter Pan Collars

Today I want to start by thanking Jamie over at Petite Panoply for her kind words about one of my outfits! You're a spunk and I'm blushing madly!

My photographer's hands have healed up enough that we managed a small photo set today which I hope you enjoy.

There has been a lot going on in the my world that I'm looking forward to talking to you about, but in the meantime, let's start slow with some pictures.

Cardigan: Dangerfield
Shoes: Naturalizer
Photos: Stu
Location: An amazing Perth apartment
Note: I am, for once, not wearing any Review or Modcloth clothes. I'm not sure how this has happened.

Hope you have enjoyed this week's style post.

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Oct 17, 2014

Cotton Summer Dresses

A long while ago I came across a beautiful picture on Pinterest of some beautiful dresses, made from vintage sheets. The image is from the blog for unique dresses handmade by Naughty Shorts.

It was a little while until I eventually got myself one, but here it is. Naughty Shorts post pictures of the fabric patterns on their instagram, which you can browse and select your favourite to have made into a dress just for you. This was my choice, and I love it. I'm sure it is the first of many. 

Mint rose earrings: Modcloth
Gorgeous unique cotton dress and sash: Naughty Shorts
Sunglasses: eBay
Clutch: Review
Photos: Stu
Location: Perth

If you like such pretty things as these, come and have a look at my Pin board: Lace Floral and Lovely.


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Oct 10, 2014

Bookish Delights and Reading Style

It his highly appropriate that this week's outfit photo set has aligned with J.K Rowling announcing new Harry Potter world stories. Books, stories and written adventures are one of the biggest parts of my life and have brought me plenty of happiness since I was young. I came to Harry Potter later than I should (I think I was in my mid teens when I started reading), and I used my favourite of the books in these pictures. That was simply because I liked the way the maroon cover clashed with my plum skirt.

This is my favourite chair. It sits next to my favourite books. It is one of very few pieces of furniture that I own that I am unwilling to part with. I love to sit in it and study. Which is what I should be doing right now as I have an exam on Monday which I feel totally unprepared for. I'm now going to go and do a Hermione and study excessively in a mad panic that I'm going to fail everything.

Top: Modcloth
Skirt: Modcloth
Shoes: Modcloth
Earring: Forever New
Photos: Stu
Location: Perth

Keep reading!

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