Preppy Evenings #WeAreUs #WeAreBallarat

@findingfemme for the #WeAreUs campaign wearing black bodycon dress at Bar Wat in Ballarat.

This is my final outfit for the #WeAreUs campaign that is exploring individual styles across the world. I've been looking at how Ballarat influences my unique style, not compromising who you are and now I want to show you how my style means believing my inner voice. Finding your unique style has so much to do with realising you're working on your own canvas, not someone else's.

V-Neck Jumpers and Weekend Vibes #WeAreUs #WeAreBallarat

@findingfemme for the #WeAreUs campaign wearing v-neck sweater and high waisted jeans.

Continuing on from yesterday's introduction of's unique style campaign #WeAreUs, here's another look at the preppy influence on my individual fashion style from my hometown of Ballarat. This time I'm capturing something more casual, whilst still pulling from the preppy theme I love so much.

Finding a Unique Style #WeAreUS #WeAreBallarat

@findingfemme for the #WeAreUs unique style campaign in BooHoo blue gingham skirt, blue blazer and lace blouse.

International clothing website recently launched in Australia and asked me to be a part of their unique style campaign #WeAreUs. The campaign is about celebrating our unique personalities through fashion, embracing the differences in everyone's individual style, and encouraging us to be our stylists. For the Australian side of this campaign, they wanted to showcase the different style in different states. I was asked to contribute to the Victorian state style snapshot with what Ballarat style is for me. So what is Ballarat style to me?

Pink Gingham and Kitten Kisses

@findingfemme wears pink gingham Voodoo Vixen dress with Bettie Page t-bar heel and sheer blouse.

This dress makes me an owner of a total of 3 Voodoo Vixen dresses. It was so much fun to shoot and we had a guest appearance by a very cute, but also not very photogenic cat. Gingham is one of my favourite patterns. It reminds me of weekends having lunch with my much loved grandparents, who had a powder blue gingham table cloth. My grandmother would make pea soup, to be followed by Mexican or curry, and then trifle or fruit salad and ice-cream. On the best days, my grandfather would come home from the shop with hot jam doughnuts. He was a cobbler, and would usually smell like leather and boot polish.

Winter Velvet

@findingfemme in winter Alannah Hill sweater, vintage velvet maxi skirt and vintage scarf at Wendouree Lake.

Just to state the obvious, it's winter and it's flipping cold. Is it any wonder that I have had a cold sore for the last few weeks? Ballarat is now at it's coldest, and everyone is hoping that we will get some snow like last year. Snow in Ballarat is uncommon. Fortunately for us, we don't have white winters. It does get wet, and cold enough that you don't want to go outside, and that's where a velvet skirt proves it's worth.