Yellow Birthday

Today's mini blog post is to share some pictures from a recent family birthday party for my brilliant brother-in-law. I got to wear a vintage 1940s yellow evening gown that I've owned for a few months, and I tried out doing my hair in finger waves. We also got a brilliant cake from Pretty Special Cakes.

Block Arcade

@findingfemme wears black and white striped top with yellow Modcloth floral skirt at the Block Arcade in Melbourne

With today's photos from a trip to the Block Arcade in Melbourne, I want to talk about two phrases that I have taken out of my vocabulary. Those phrases are 'you wore it better' and 'you look pregnant'. Let's start with the 'you wore it better' phrase. On a recent trip to a racewear event for the Bendigo Fashion Festival, I discussed with my sister what I would do if someone was wearing the same thing as me. Most times in our lives, the same attire doesn’t matter. I’ve worked with one of my closest friends for over a year now and we’ve found it funny that for the most part we haven’t come into work accidentally wearing the same outfit. Events like weddings or races are different though. There seems to be a stigma attached to wearing the same thing as someone else unless you happen to be in the bridal party. Can you imagine attending a wedding and accidentally discovering you’re wearing the same dress as the bridesmaids?

Bendigo Fashion Festival - Taste of Spring Raceday

@findingfemme in By Johnny, Olga Berg and Allport Millinery at Bendigo Fashion Festival racewear luncheon

My sister Goldfields Girl tags me in posts on Instagram quite often. I forget most of them, and earlier this week was really surprised when I discovered one of the tags was a competition and we won. It was an entry to attend Bendigo Fashion Festival’s  ‘Taste of Spring Raceday 2016’. It was exciting to win something, but then also insane because we both had things on and neither of us had anything to wear.

Winter Darling

@findingfemme in Ballarat wearing Review Australia and Seychelles shoes

I bought my first ever trench coat at a Zara in Paris. It was unintentionally during Paris Fashion Week and I was there with my sister Goldfields Girl. We had visited the nearby first Chanel store when we wandered in off the street into the Zara. I saw the coat and fell in love. Now I have added this beautiful trench from Review Australia to my wardrobe, along with this perfect dark floral print winter midi-skirt.

Liana and the Petite Mort

@findingfemme in ASOS red sequin maxi dress performing in Liana and the Petite Mort in Ballarat

So I've got a new band! It's called Liana and the Petite Mort. At the moment it's just a duo with myself and my incredibly talented brother-in-law. We've known each other for many, many years, but this is the first time we have ever played in something together (aside from occasional single items at special events). We had our first gig this Friday just gone, and these are some photos from the occasion.