Black Glassons Scarf and a New Style For Me

@findingfemme wears Glassons scarf, black maxi skirt and black turtle neck crop top.

While most of the online communities I follow are moving into autumn, those of us in Australia are moving into spring. Moving into any season I can get obsessed with certain items that I want to wear until I'm sick of them. Kind of like replaying a favourite song. There are a few things currently on my mind like a classic 80s ballad: crop tops, scarves, hats. 

Vegas and Rose

@findingfemme visits Vegas and Rose in Ballarat for some breakfast in Modcloth yellow floral skirt, black long sleeve crop top, black bow heels and straw boater.

This is a photo of me, taken by my bestie Tegan, shortly before we stopped being friends. Tegan has ditched me as a friend after everything she wanted at the Vintage Fair was in my size and I bought everything. More on the fair and why Tegan has vowed to never be my friend again at a later date. For now, let's have an adventure at Vegas and Rose.

Ballarat International Foto Biennale - Off Camera Flash Workshop

Off camera flash trial by Michelle Dunn Photography

I'm excited to be working with a photographer again for the Ballarat International Foto Biennale. This time I am working with the incredibly talented Michelle Dunn as part of a full day workshop for intermediate photographers to develop their skills in off camera flash. Today Michelle and I did a trial for the workshop to put together images for workshop attendees to develop their understanding of the technique. The above shots were taken one after the other, with the off camera flash on different settings.

My Sister's Baby Shower - AFE Fundraiser

Liana of Finding Femme wears Portmans for AFE Foundation fundraiser and baby shower.

Most of the pictures I've been doing at the moment are taken by a heavily pregnant Goldfields Girl. She's super busy being pregnant and fabulous, and her kitchen is also being renovated (among other parts of the house). I threw her a baby shower with the help of a few people, to celebrate the anticipated arrival of her home-grown bundle.

Stop Self Sabotaging Your Personal Style - Be Yourself

@findingfemme in red striped crop top, black Review Australia skirt and Modcloth bow heels with straw boater.

Hey there. You. Yeah you. Don't be shy! I want to talk about a common reaction people have when they find out that I have a fashion blog. It's a reaction I've had to professionals in the fashion industry when I've had the pleasure of meeting them, so it's made me reflect on the reaction myself. That reaction is to immediately apologise for my appearance, to ask them not to judge what I'm wearing and to feel really small. When people do that in response to finding out I have a fashion blog, I want to stop them and stomp on those thoughts right away. Here are the wise thoughts of some professionals I respect, on this reaction...